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              News Infomation

              Haichang signed a cooperation framework agreement with COSCO SHIPPING Bulk Co., Ltd

              Views:1000 Adddate:2021-11-29 Origin:中遠海運散運

              On November 29th, Haichang signed a cooperation framework agreement with COSCO SHIPPING Bulk Co., Ltd in Guangzhou Ocean Shipping Building. Zhu Riming, chairman of Haichang and Gu Jinsong, chairman of Cosco attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the signing. Zhu Zhibiao, general manager of Haichang shipping and persons in charge of relevant departments and units of both sides attended the signing ceremony.


              In the meeting prior to the ceremony, Gu extended a warm welcome to the visit of Zhu  and his delegation, introduced the recent development of Cosco and expected the two sides' continued innovation and expanding cooperation. Gu hoped both side to utilize  their respective advantages ,deepen the cooperation level of both sides and inject new impetus into a win-win situation.


              Zhu Riming introduced the development of Dongguan Haichang Group and appreciated Cosco for its professional services and firm cooperation. He hoped that both sides could reach a deeper level of cooperation , enhance the synergistic effect, realize mutual benefit and promote high-quality development for both sides.

              During the meeting, Cosco demonstrated an application called "chuanhuoyi" . The two companies discussed and exchanged views on digital construction of cooperation platform and extension of industrial chain. The signing of the agreement marks that the two sides will take this as a new starting point to further deepen the multi-level and all-round cooperation, seize the opportunity, work together to create a new win-win situation and write a new chapter of their development.

              Before the signing ceremony, Zhu Riming and his delegation visited the Cosco’s corporate culture exhibition hall.

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