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              News Infomation

              Warm congratulations on the first smooth sailing of "HC Beauty" and Haichang shipping capacity exceeded one million deadweight tons

              Views:449 Adddate:2018-07-25 Origin:

              Under the strong support of the Group enterprises, Haichang shipping grasped the opportunities, swiftly made a deal and purchased another 70,000-ton bulk carrier in June, adding a new member to Haichang fleet. The ship was successfully handed over at Shajiao Anchorage on July 5, 2018, and was renamed "HC BEAUTY" which means a strong blessing for the development and a beautiful vision for the future of the group. With the sound of a flute and the expectation of Haichang people, the ship "HC BEAUTY" set sail smoothly at 16:18 on July 10. With this ship put into operation, the capacity of Haichang shipping fleet exceeded one million deadweight tons, ranking the top three domestic private shipping enterprises in bulk cargo capacity. From 1 ship to 14, 30,000 deadweight tons to 1.03 million deadweight tons, Haichang Shipping has finally achieved a breakthrough of one million deadweight tons after 15 years of development. Every step of progress embodies Haichang people's commitment and dedication for the shipping industry. Long wind and waves will sometimes hang the sail to the sea, a new era has begun, Haichang is beautiful So much more are hard-working Haichang People!




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