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              News Infomation

              The first meeting of the Marine (Private Enterprise) Professional Committee of Guangdong Shipowners Association in 2018 was successfully held in Haichang

              Views:1266 Adddate:2018-07-25 Origin:

              On June 8, 2018, Guangdong Shipowners Association held the first meeting of the Professional Committee of Shipping (Private enterprises) in 2018 in the conference room on the second floor of Haichang. Leaders of Guangdong Shipowners Association and leaders of major private shipping enterprises in Guangdong Province attended the meeting.


              During the meeting, participants made suggestions on national environmental protection policies and new maritime regulations . At the same time, they had in-depth discussion on fuel supply for international ships in Hong Kong, management of shipping routes between Hong Kong and Macao, and some common problems encountered in the operation and management of shipping enterprises.


              At the end of the meeting, the leaders of the provincial shipping association advocated that all shipping enterprises should earnestly implement the policy of safety, environmental protection and efficiency in future enterprise management, strengthen the operation management, and achieve delicacy and environmental-friendly. Leaders of various shipping enterprises also call on the provincial shipping Association to host more similar forums, so that everyone has the opportunity to listen and learn, make collective progress and contribute to the development of Guangdong's shipping industry and the construction of a powerful maritime country.


              a group photo with the leaders of the provincial shipowners Association and leaders of Haichang


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