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              News Infomation

              Big congrats to Dongguan Haichang Shipping Co., LTD., elected as the director of the shipping Committee of Dongguan Port and Shipping Association

              Views:274 Adddate:2023-04-13 Origin:

              On January 10th, the Dongguan Port and Waterway Association welcomed the first major event of 2017- the establishment conference of the association's third special committee, the "Navigation Special Committee", was successfully held! Director He Shaotao, Director of Dongguan Port and Waterway Administration Bureau, Zhao Jianfeng, Deputy Director of Water Transport Department, Yao Zhuhua, Executive Vice President of Guangdong Shipowners Association Chen Qingnian, Secretary General Ye Lun, Deputy Secretary General Liang Peiheng, Director Yang Zhuoyao, as well as President He Xingen of Dongguan Port and Waterway Association, were invited to attend the meeting. They witnessed this important moment together with representatives of 18 enterprises from the Navigation Special Committee present!

              Since the launch of the specialized committee system in 2016, the Dongguan Port and Waterway Association established the "Port Hazardous Chemical Special Committee" in June, the "Port General Cargo Special Committee" in November, and the "Navigation Special Committee" in the beginning of 2017. As a result, all three specialized committees under the Dongguan Port and Waterway Association have been established.

               At the meeting, Mr. He Xingen, the president of the association, first expressed congratulations on the convening of the founding meeting of the Navigation Special Committee and affirmed the association's work over the past year. He said that in the context of the continuous downturn in the entire industry market, port and shipping enterprises need to "huddle together for warmth and win-win cooperation" on the platform of the Port and Shipping Association. After the association is divided into three special committees, member exchanges will be more efficient and services will be more targeted. He hopes that members will actively participate in the association's activities and make good use of the association's platform. He also wishes the Dongguan Port and Shipping Association to become stronger and stronger!

               At the meeting, a grand election ceremony was held. Through the voting of 18 member companies present, Dongguan Haichang Shipping Co., Ltd. was elected as the director unit of the Navigation Special Committee. Dongguan Zhenhua Transportation Co., Ltd., Dongguan Fenghai Shipping Co., Ltd., Dongguan Dongjiang Water and Land Transport Co., Ltd., and Dongguan Jinlong Shipping Co., Ltd. were elected as the deputy director units. Dongguan Yunxun Container Transport Co., Ltd Dongguan Hangkai Transportation Co., Ltd. was elected as two supervisory units. Zhu Zhibiao, General Manager of Dongguan Haichang Shipping Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on behalf of the elected director unit. He first expressed gratitude to the Dongguan Port and Channel Administration and Dongguan Port and Channel Association for their support and trust in Haichang Shipping Company. As a member of the industry, Haichang Shipping is willing to shoulder the responsibility of condensing the industry and playing a leading role. He hopes that after the establishment of the Navigation Special Committee, everyone will work together, help each other, and promote the development of Dongguan's shipping industry.

              Chen Qingnian, Executive Vice President of the Provincial Shipowners Association, congratulated the guests on the establishment of the Navigation Special Committee of the Dongguan Port and Navigation Association. In his speech, he said that Dongguan is a strong shipping city in Guangdong Province, with a total transportation capacity ranking second in the province, especially in terms of its outstanding strength on the Hong Kong Macao line. He believes that the establishment of the Navigation Special Committee plays a significant role and will definitely better serve as a bridge and link between the government and the industry. He also hopes that the Dongguan Port and Shipping Association can have more contact and coordination with the Provincial Shipowners Association, share resources, and quickly transmit relevant national and provincial policies and industry information to members, as well as timely reflect the demands of Dongguan's shipping industry to the higher level.

              Director He Shaotao once again emphasized the issue of shipping safety to member enterprises in his concluding remarks, and requested that enterprises conduct comprehensive self inspection and rectification in accordance with relevant shipping market governance plans, and welcome inspections from relevant departments. He Ju also proposed requirements to the Navigation Special Committee: the Navigation Special Committee should play a role in strengthening shipping safety, strengthen contact with government departments, strengthen communication and learning among members, actively connect with the Provincial Shipowners Association, continue to attract excellent enterprises to join, enhance the cohesion of members, refine management, and make the association bigger and stronger!

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