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              About Us

              Company Profile

              Dongguan Haichang Shipping Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Haichang Holdings Group Co., Ltd. and Hainan Haihui Shipping Co., Ltd. are the three companies under shipping sector of Dongguan Haichang Group. We currently have 23 Panamax bulk carriers. Our capacity scale ranks among the top in China, and the routes cover numerous ports around the world. Over the years, Our companies have always advocated the service philosophy of "safety and integrity" and the service purposes of "high quality and efficiency", and accumulated abundant experience in the field of ship management and transportation, with an annual cargo volume of more than 20 million tons.

              Over the years, Haichang has won many honors such as "Advanced Unit of Dongguan Transportation Industry", "Advanced Collective of National Highway and Waterway Transportation Volume Special Investigation in Dongguan City", "Contract-honoring and Credit-honoring Enterprise", "Advanced Private Enterprise" etc. All these compliments and honors represents a reliable and trustworthy corporate image for Haichang.

              Dongguan Haichang Shipping Co., Ltd. is founded in 2004 and currently is also the vice-chairman unit of Guangdong Shipowners Association. Dongguan Haichang is a large-scale private enterprise in China that specializes in domestic and foreign bulk cargo transportation services . Our capacity reaches 780,000 deadweight tons. Among them, there are 7 ships for domestic shipping and 6 ships for both domestic and foreign shipping qualification. All ships are in good operating forms. Our size of the domestic coastal fleet ranks 15th in China. In recent years, Haichang Shipping has maintained a good cooperative relationship with state-owned enterprises such as China Resources Cement, CHINA HUANENG Group, China Huadian Corporation and National Energy.

              Hong Kong Haichang Holdings Group Co., Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong in April 2016 and holds ship classification Document of Compliance (DOC) issued by the classification society. It specializes in foreign transportation and ship management. All ships are in good operating form. There are 10 Panamax bulk carriers with a total deadweight of about 775,000 tons that transport an annual volume of 12 million tons. The ships travels all around the world, including South America/North America/Australia/Indonesia/Southeast Asia, mainly transporting coal and grain. Hong Kong Haichang currently maintains long-term good cooperative relations with many large power generation groups, coal suppliers, grain merchants and well-known shipowners at home and abroad, including: National Energy Group, CHINA HUANENG Group, China Huadian Corporation , Datang Group, Yudean, Zheneng Group, Xiangyu Group, Xiamen International Trade Group, COFCO, ADM, BUNGE, CARGILL, OLDENDORFF, etc.

              Hainan Haihui Shipping Co., Ltd. is founded in Hainan in December 2021. It specializes in coastal and foreign transportation and ship management. It owns 3 Panamax domestic and foreign trade ships with five-star red flags, transporting an annual cargo volume of 3 million tons. The main operating routes for these 3 ships are all around the world. Although the company was founded not long ago, it still has an experienced ship operation and management team. Meanwhile, the ships are young, which is a strong supplement to Haichang's fleet. And it is a signal of actively expanding and optimizing the fleet’s capacity, which demonstrates Haichang's continuous strengthening determination about expansion of its global network.

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